Copley Pastoral is a multi-generational business with a rich history commencing in the Brisbane Valley in 1885. Across generations we have evolved and adapted to remain profitable and sustainable.

Tom returned to the family cattle business in 1983 following time as a Land Valuer in NSW. At that time the family ran Hereford cattle on grazing lands surrounding the Stanley River and Somerset Dam.

Tom and his father Jim decided greater adaption was needed to deal with the challenging seasons, ticks and to grow profitability. The Brahman Breed offered this. In 1982 Tom heard Hans Graser speak about objective measurement and utilising EBVs (Estimated Breeding Values) in selecting sires and the development of Breedplan. Tom sought a Brahman Seedstock producer using these objective measures, Breedplan and focusing on fertility. This is where our association with Alf Collins at CBV began.

Tom and Marie have developed and applied a tight management system to their herd, allowing selected genetics to be expressed. Our stud enterprise has evolved over four decades of strict management. Copley Pastoral selects for fertility and moderate growth to drive profitability.



  • We uphold a “no free-loader” policy. All females are joined on a strict mating schedule.
  • All females calve annually and unassisted or they are marketed.
  • Our breeding herd is run with minimal inputs and no treatment for ticks. We produce an adapted herd that can perform in spite of environmental challenges.
  • Sires are selected annually based on their fertility EBVs, moderate growth, and temperament.
  • The herd is recorded on Breedplan. We collect both phenotypical and genotypical data to enhance EBV accuracy.